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    posted a message on chisels and bits 1.12 and earlier gone?

    yesterday or something i was browsing forge mods on curseforge and noticed there was two different chisels and bits mods: the original mod for 1.12 minecraft and a new revival of the mod which was made for 1.18. Today i tried to look up and download the original. Why was the original mod removed from curseforge? do the moderators think the new mod renders the old one obsolete and since it wasnt being updated anymore they deleted it? Or did the mod author delete it? the thing is there is now a few addons for the original chisels and bits mod which now list the new chisels and bits mod as their dependency... despite those mods being 1.12 and the new mod being 1.18 so they could not be related. so looks like this might have been a mod action and it needs to be reversed, because just why would you do this. we still need the original chisels and bits.

    i was wrong the new mod is for 1.16.5 to 1.18.idk but still. its not for 1.12 or earlier like the orignal.

     the new mod is completely separate to the original, we still need both. the only place you can download the original now is shady websites that steal mods it seems.

     unless i'm wrong. a little help please?

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