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    Kinda misleading, I need to get the modpack files and not rely on the client at all for the unpacking, I hate overbarf because it uses way too many resources, not that my PC is slow or anything.


    I just don't like having to close half of my things (I run a lot) just because the overbarf programmers were too lazy to combine things into a single process instead of delegating the delegation of a delegate on 15 threads and 34 TCP and UDP network connections and useless-to-me device polling. What's worse is that every programmer things their program needs to also have a system service installed, too... ugh. 


    What I wanted was the game files only, not the chatrooms, not the social, not the high interactions and junk that curseforge has become. Thought that was what this was, but seriously, they usually let you download the zip anyway so it's completely irrelevant, can't even understand why anyone would need this anyway unless they were.... well, you know.


    Next up we will have notepad.exe require a 'notepad service tree - text saving agent - text wordwrap agent - notepad over UDP' (at this rate anyway).


    In short, overbarf shouldn't be used for anything---giving up on the pack, I'll just have to download and install all the mods myself. At least that doesn't require overbarf and in the end will save me the time that would have been wasted waiting on overbarf and worseforge...


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