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    Hello! I'm incredibly new to using mods for Minecraft (less than 24 hours) and I've had some success getting the ones I'm interested in to work individually but I'd like to use them all at once.


    I'm able to use the 3 mods I want with Forge, and they all work fine. (screenshot attached)


    And I'm able to separately use the Continuum shaders and Stratum resource packs. (screenshot attached)


    I'm trying to find a way to use those mods while still using the Continuum/Stratum stuff, but when I launch that installation of Minecraft the mods button is missing from the main page since Cont/Strat use the OptiFine installation instead of the Forge installation. 


    Any help would be great! I'm also open to using a different shader pack if it comes to that, as long as it gives me the pretty lights and such. 

    Thank you in advance!

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