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    Hello, Curseforge.
    I was not really sure where else to put this. I've put it on both the Bukkit & Spigot forums and have gotten no response. I was hoping maybe someone from CurseForge would have some idea of what's going on?
    I am experiencing errors with Bukkit Version 1.12.2. Whenever I sign a Book and Quill, the text inside the book is incorrectly formatted with errors in the main text of the book.
    My saved book titled "Hello" with 1 word "Hello" appears as: {"text":"Test"} (Example below)
    I have tried vanilla Minecraft, and the book saves fine.
    I also tried Spigot Version 1.12.2 and get the same error as when I am using Bukkit.jar.
    I do not currently have any mods installed. There are no console errors. Server loads fine with no errors.
    I appreciate anyone who can give me any input on this as I have searched all over the internet and have been unsuccessful in finding a solution.
    Thank you,
    - Shreaders1
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