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    Hiding ? Do you mean morph to blend with the blocks/animals, or disappear ?

    Invisibility potions work well (could make a quick mod with an constant invisibility effect when holding /equiping an item)

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    Hey everyone !

    Today I present you a mod I created : Novablocks, for 1.12.2

    This is a rather simple mod, that adds aesthetic feathures. Some of them are stairs/slabs versions of blocks that don't have one (for exemple concrete, hardened clay, wool, ore blocks...), slopes (vanilla-looking, same materials as the stairs and slabs), and even a spacesuit, which gives water breathing when underwater for a limiter time. When an option is enabled, it gives a moon gravity effect for roleplay.

    Some other additions are wooden and metal beams (act like logs, with a custom model), and a "full" version of the modern door in MrCrayfish's furniture mod.

    Here are some pics in the attachments.


    Link to the mod : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/novablocks


    I have the goal of getting 1k downloads, so the mod can be used on Aternos...

    Hope you like it !Enjoy and have fun !

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