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     Introducing: Nova Prisons! A OG Custom Cosmic Experience! We are thrilled to announce the development of Nova Prisons, a server inspired by the beloved Cosmic Prisons experience that captivated players in its prime. While we strive to recreate the essence of the original server, we also recognize the need to incorporate newer features that will enhance the gameplay and keep it fresh for our dedicated community.
    What is Nova Prisons:
    ↬ Cosmic Prisons Mining/Leveling ↬
    Custom Enchants ↬ Custom Items/Blocks ↬
    /gtop Buycraft payouts ↬
    Custom Visible Cosmetics (soon custom client) ↬
    ↬ Custom Daily KOTHs ↬ Custom Outposts ↬
    ↬ Custom Cell Raiding ↬
    ↬ Custom Bosses/Events ↬
    Admins/Devs that listen to the community! ↬

    And a lot more! We will be hosting giveaways. What are you waiting for just join!
    Discord:  https://discord.gg/Y8M8gtky 

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