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    posted a message on Need a mod that allows you to shrink and grow.

    I'm preferably looking for something with the pure power of Chiseled Me (Crazy 1/4096th size), but that mod has way too many mod conflicts in its current state and not many mods are built like that. Because of this, I'll probably have to compromise with something that has 1/16th shrinking size. If anyone knows  anything, that would be great! Thanks!

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    posted a message on Looking for a mod that lets you add crafting recipes

    Hello! I've been looking around the 1.12.2 mods section for a mod that allows you to add custom recipes, but can't find a good one. Because I don't have much real coding knowledge, I was looking for something more graphics-based with a simple button to add a recipe that would bring up a crafting grid or something of the sort. If all that's available is something more technical and in-depth though, I guess that would have to work. I'm looking for this to make the 1.12 beta of Magical Crops playable, as right now it is missing the crafting recipe to turn Minicio into Accio, so you can't really do anything but mine Minicio, craft and plant its seeds, and make a useless rock. Either way, would love some help. Thanks!

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