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    Hello, looking for people to help develop and test a new mod pack I have been working on. Here is the details, it is going to be a skyblock using ex Niki to get started and whatever you want to get from mid to late game, I have a really late game mod installed, forgot what it's called. But to finish the quest line you will have to work through about 8 mods, including thaumcraft, thermal, applied energistics, and other well known packs. I am looking to set up the armor in the game to be built through the tiers, duck as start iron chest plate, build into diamond, witch would build into the magic crops worst chest plate, and so on and so forth.in The final finished product I am hoping to have about 500 quest with about 200 of them optional and it will have over 200 mods, curently has around 200 mods. And over 200 quest, what I need the most help on is making quest lines, it is taking to long by myself, been working on this for a few months. Any one who helps work on it will be included as mod pack maker. Let me know if your interested in helping. 

    Mod pack is currently called pig skyblock, and the version uploaded is not a finished version, it is actually out of date to, all the mods have been updated. 

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