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    - Quarantine Craft -

    Bored at home during the virus? Tired of garbage survival servers that use the name CoronaCraft? Want an actual new gamemode with many features and fun survival aspects? Well, we've got the server for you. Quarantine Craft was built from the ground up through weeks of work. Currently it offers one gamemode, the Corona Virus Simulator, with many more to come.

    Features of Corona Virus Simulator Include:
    - 1,000x1,000 map for maximum player contact.
    - Plots to protect your builds.
    - A virus that randomly strikes a new player every 5 minutes.
    - When infected the virus will affect your health, speed, and vision.
    - An in-game server shop and currency capable of buying a mask to prevent the virus and a vaccine to cure the virus if you get it, along with other  vanilla Minecraft items.
    - Chance of becoming infected by players with the virus if you are within a close radius of them.
    - Chance of mobs spawning with the virus and then infecting you.
    - Ability to group with other players to fight the virus together.
    - Corona Virus death and case counter.
    - Server Forum for talking with other players
    - Discord for even more interaction


    Join now on MC 1.12.2 to 1.15.2 (1.12.2 recommended): mc.quarantinecraft.co
    Visit us online for our social media links, server rank shop, and forum: quarantinecraft.co
    Join our Discord for community discussion and info: https://discord.gg/MVG2APf

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