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    posted a message on Dynamic Lights mod inclusion in modpacks causing issue

     The Dynamic Lights mod is available on Curse as a Zip file, which does not load anything when "Installed" via the Curse launcher; it is literally a zip of several jar mod files, and is ignored by Minecraft.


    The readme/instructions say that to use it, you need to extract the jar from the zip's /mods folder, and then you can change the modules included within the DynamicLights-1.9.jar to change the behavior.

    To install:

    Put the .jar(s) found in /mods/ into your .minecraft/mods/ folder!


    To remove modules you dont want or cant afford (your machine is an asthmatic train wreck, or a Mac),
    simply remove (delete) them from the mod .jar /atomicstryker/dynamiclights/client/modules folder.

    Per the instructions, to make the mod actually function, you need extract it from the zip file.  To reduce the load on a system, you can tweak it by removing modules.


    If you do this however, the jar file is recognized as a 3rd party mod, and is included in the /Overrides folder.  This caused my recent upload to be rejected.


    What is the suggested way to use this?  Not include the jar?  Allow it to be included as described above?

    It's only a client-side mod, so leaving it out isn't a huge deal.

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