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    Cow County is a community based around having fun, and having a great time, we offer many great plugins to give you more to play with and learn cool new things, plugins we have include;


    *Grief Prevention (land claim)


    *Ultra Cosmetics (Hats, pets, mounts, gadgets)

    And many more...


    *Must be 13+ or older (discord TOS)

    *Must have an account in Minecraft: Java Edition

    *Must have a discord account (communication) *Be active when you can (if you are unavailable, please let us know in the LOA channel)

    About Job:

    We currently already have one builder but with the plans we currently have, building a Spawn/Lobby and beautifully decorated Dungeons internally decorated by him alone, we are seeking more help to ease his workload. Things you expect to be asked to do upon taking this job role include, helping build up the spawn area, possibly building multiple dungeons or/and dungeon lobbies, survival world spawn changes every special occasion, we had Halloween theme, Thanksgiving theme and next up will be Christmas themed, you should be able to think of an idea of what you think it should look like and then build to your imagination. For more information and to apply for the role join our discord: https://discord.gg/9SAqyUvGQK

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    posted a message on Cow County: New server information!

    About the server: Cow County is a community based around having fun, and having a great time, we offer many great plugins to give you more to play with and learn cool new things. We like to try to make it as friendly as possible with excellent staff that will answer any questions you may have.The server started less than a week ago, has a small community and is looking to grow.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/t6t9qD3DCK


    We support versions 1.4-1.16.3 (1.16.3 is recommended though


    • We have Slimefun which adds a whole new load of workstations, new custom effects for armours weapons, tools, new components/materials for you to gather and create in order to create these items with new effects.

    • Towny and Grief Protection, if you want to start a town with your friends you can, if you want to join an already existing town you can, but if you want to go solo you can also accumulate claimblocks in-game and create a land claim with a golden shovel.

    • We have Jobs, you start with the basic 2 jobs you can join which you can leave at any time to join new jobs, you can earn money from mining, hunting or even exploring, and many more jobs!

    • We have Ultra Cosmetics which gives access to a wide variety of pets, hats, armors, gadgets and many more!

    • A shop with everything to buy and most things to sell at reasonable prices, to meet your building or money making needs.

    • There are crates where the keys can be gotten from either voting, donating or random events which often happen thanks to the Owner and Head Developer.

    • Auction House, to Auction anything you have and want to sell for a higher price than you can in the shop.

    • Non Pay2Win Donator Ranks which only give cosmetics nothing more!

    And many more the server consists of about 80 Plugins, come in-game and try today!

    Rules:Works for Ingame and Discord where it may apply.

    [1] Be respectful**[2]** Be ethical**[3]** Use common sense**[4]** TO apply for staff You must either have been playing for a bit, or buy something from the shop**[5]** No spamming**[6]** No NSFW content**[7]** No cuss words of any kind, no exceptions**[8]** No advertising unless approved by staff**[9]** No coming to Culty and complaining**[10]** No whining about punishments**[11]** No sexual harassment**[12]** No scamming/grieving**[13]** No harassment of any kind**[14]** No hacking**[15]** No being generally annoying**[16]** No trolling (with some exceptions)[17] No begging for your application to be reviewed/accepted**[18]** No predatory behavior**[19]** You must have been on the server for at least 4 days with no problems before applying**[20]** Staff must not be biased while reviewing applications or giving punishments

    Hope to see you all ingame soon! :D

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