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    Hey Curse Forge Forums, I just wanted to share with you all my brand new server I opened.

    Badcraft is a Java & Bedrock vanilla anarchy Minecraft server, designed to give players the purest Minecraft experience, just as the creators envisioned, free from hacks, cheats, and exploits. It ensures no modifications that alter gameplay, no teleporting, no map resets, no designated player homes, and no preset economy. All decisions are in the hands of our players. Griefing and raiding are allowed, and there are no mechanisms to prevent them. This world is truly your sandbox!

    Here are some features that make this server unique:

    Vanilla Anarchy (Players will be on the same playing field. This means no hack/cheat clients, unfair modifications, or exploits This experience should bring you back to the old days of Minecraft when there were no rules, but everyone was on the same level.)

    Bedrock Edition Support (Support both Java and Bedrock editions, so everyone is welcome to join, regardless of which device you are playing on.)

    Head Drops (Heads will drop from your enemies! Whenever you kill another Player or Mob, you have a chance to receive their skull.)

    Fixed Phantoms (Unlike many servers, we have fixed phantoms to work correctly. When you go to sleep, they will leave you alone for 7 days.)

    Member Rank (Annoying spammers or advertisers are blocked. In order to post URLs and chat with no delay, you must verify yourself.)

    No Sethomes, Warps, or Tpas (All forms of travel are completely vanilla. This makes the world feel much bigger and gets players more immersed in the environment.)

    The map will Never Reset (Whatever you make will stay there! You have no need to worry about when the map will end.)

    Server IP » play.badcraft.net
    Established » August 19th, 2023
    Version » 1.20.1
    Bedrock Port » 19132

    As of writing this post 464 unique players have joined this server!

    Note: This server is not pure anarchy. There are rules, but we are very lenient with them as we want to give players freedom.
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