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    Hey guys, I wanted to share how I solved a problem I was having with my Curseforge Launcher. I could not find the solution to the problem I used on the internet during my search, so I wanted to post this here to help future players.

    The short version: If you are seeing an error that says "Unable to update the Minecraft Native Launcher," check the Background processes tab of your Task Manager to see if there are Minecraft Launcher processes running without a program. If there are, end the tasks and the launcher should work again. If this doesn't work, please check some of the other resources on this problem.

    The long version: After trying some of the other solutions to the problem listed online (re-installing Minecraft, transplanting my vanilla launcher's files into the modded launcher, checking my firewall, etc.) I still couldn't resolve the problem. So, I decided to check out *why* the launcher couldn't be updated. Curseforge stores its crash logs for the launcher in the file "C:\Users\[your name here]\Twitch\Minecraft\Install\launcher_log.txt" Looking inside, I saw the following error:


    [Info: 2021-03-17 22:26:41.7716129: PistonUpdate.cpp(774)]
    DeleteFile(C:\Users\[your name here]\Twitch\Minecraft\Install\game\launcher.dll)
    [Error: 2021-03-17 22:26:41.7731545: PistonUpdate.cpp(810)] Update failed for: /.../launcher.dll, Error: Access is denied.
    [Error: 2021-03-17 22:26:44.5212147: main.cpp(153)] Updating common component failed!


     According to the log, the updater tried to delete the launcher so the new version of it could be replaced. However, "Access is denied" to the launcher.dll file (located at "C:\Users\[your name here]\Twitch\Minecraft\Install\game\launcher.dll"). I tried deleting this file myself, only to be greeted by a "File in use" error. So, now I had figured it out: my computer thought that the launcher was already open! From there, I opened my Task Manager, and checked the Background processes. Sure enough, there were two files labelled "Minecraft launcher." I didn't have the launcher open, so these must have been strange, half-dead vestiges from when I had last closed the program. Ending those tasks let the update proceed as usual, and the launcher finally worked for me.

    I hope this helps anyone else having similar problems!



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