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    I believe you're missing the "name" parameter from your string. Starting in 1.12, all crafttweaker recipes need to be named. Maybe try something like this:


    recipes.addShapedMirrored(EUCrafter,<extrautils2:crafter>, [[<minecraft:dropper>], [<minecraft:crafting_table>]]);
    recipes.addShapedMirrored(EUUser,<extrautils2:user>, [[<minecraft:dropper>], [<minecraft:lever>]]);
    recipes.addShapedMirrored(EUMiner,<extrautils2:miner>, [[<minecraft:dropper>], [<minecraft:iron_pickaxe>]]);

    Try it and see if it works?

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    So with this question, are you asking for how to keep it private or how to start actually making a pack, or both?

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