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    I found an interesting conundrum that may be relevant to everyone whose twitch WILL NOT LET THEM change the file path to their appdata location. See, at some point, Windows 10 decided to screw with me, and essentially duplicate my user account, rename the folder to (user_name).000 and make the original (user_name) obsolete.


    From what I can tell, i you had this happen, the curse client that twitch uses has NO IDEA that your account should have a .000 appended to it. This causes two problems. One, it wants to save the installer to the obsolete user folder, but naturally cant, making it impossible to install the game. Two, It wont save an install location filepath it doesn't think it has access to, making it impossible to set it to the default filepath the minecraft installer uses.

    So, that aside, here's my fix:

    Go to %appdata%\roaming]curse client, open Minecraft.settings

    Rename all paths to the correct username (the one with .000 appended to it)

    This will now let you use twitch to install minecraft, because it will place the installer in that location and run it.

    install using Twitch to the default location, program files (x86)\Minecraft

    This ensures both Twitch and Minecraft have full access to the files instead of getting confused with which user's folder to search

    From here, everything should run fine, no other settings to mess with other than potentially RAM

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    Possibly necroposting, but I had this issue today. Since no one else addressed it, go to your settings and to the minecraft tab (as shown in another post here) and select "change folder" to redirect the install location to program files x86/Minecraft. worked just fine for me after that. I had to do it in settings instead of the mods/minecraft page, it wouldn't actually change the folder otherwise.

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