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    AverionMC.net - The Arcade Network


    Forums: https://averionmc.net

    IP (TS/MC) averionmc.net

    Discord: https://discord.gg/k3varUR




    Hey! Are you looking for something new? Something which is 100% custom made? Something which does not include any pay to win? Well, then it sounds like AverionMC.net is the server for you! All of our Maps are 100% custom made, all our plugins (literally) are 100% custom! We have own game modes like The Witch, Star Wars & SpeedDropper Race and alot more! Thanks to our Cloud System (dynamic Servers) you can enjoy all this LAG FREE! And without any times of waiting since there are always servers available!


    Here are some server pictures!

    Here is our server trailer!




    Our Server is full of unique and cool features here are some of the features!

                    - cool cosmetics and gadgets in our hub

                    - Experienced Staff members

                    - Lag free

                    - Dynamic Servers

                    - 100% Custom Plugins

                    - 100% Custom Maps

                    - Crates

                    - Vote rewards

                    - No Pay2Win

                    - Custom unique Game modes

                    - Custom AntiCheat!


    Games Modes:


    Well what are your Game modes and how do they work?


    One of our own Game modes is Star Wars, here you will have epic Jedi vs Sith fights with unique and cool upgrades (like forceskills, Lightsabers and Blasters)! Thanks to our resource pack everything looks super realistic!


    SpeedDropper Race - How many platforms can you pass in 2 minutes? As more you pass the better your equipment for the deathmatch is!


    This is just a little preview of our classic-styled Network! Go check it out yourself! Everyone is welcome to have fun together, Lag and Pay2win free!



    We are also looking for staff!


    Moderator: You'll help us moderate the chat and how active you are will determine on promotions in the future! You should also be able to make sure that hackers are caught!


    Developer: We need people to help us fix bugs! We are almost at release, but we need help fixing the bugs as we find them!


    If you have any questions or is interested to join our server, DM me on discord!




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