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    posted a message on SandCraft SMP - NEW SMP - For content creators - Come and join!

    I am PurpleSheepMC and I'm an extremely small streamer looking for other small YouTubers and streamers who would be interested in starting a Hermitcraft sort of series, (vanilla with some datapacks)

    quality of videos, be fun, have energy, want to play on the server


    Apply to join:

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    posted a message on InnocentMC Looking For Staff

    Hello, I am the Manager of InnocentMC! We are a server in development. We are planning to release with Prisons but we will definitely add more gamemodes in the future! We are run by an amazing management team that all have experience running successful servers in the past.

    InnocentMC is a Minecraft server that is 100% Play to Win.
    We offer NO items in the store that allow a direct advantage over a non-donator.

    Positions available:
    - Helper: 
    Moderate the chat
    - Moderator: Find hackers, moderate the chat
    - Admin: Find hackers, do high lvl projects and help make decisions for the future of the server.
    Builder: Build maps, spawns, etc. for the server
    - Developer: People who help code and configure our server.

    Staff Perks:

    - Great Experience!

    - 10% off the store!

    - A chance to win a 50% store coupon in staff only giveaways

    To apply:


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    posted a message on ValorousMC is looking for Staff JAVA and BEDROCK can play TOGETHER
    Hi, I'm PurpleSheep04 the Manager for ValorousMC
    ValorousMC is a new network with lots of minigames and some custom games coming soon
    With a VERY cool feature. JAVA and BEDROCK can PLAY TOGETHER. So you can play with your friends regardless of what device you play on. 
    Looking for:
    1 Sr Admin
    2 Admins
    5 Mods
    6 Helpers
    1 Dev
    1 Builder
    If you're interested in a position on ValorousMC, please join the discord and do "-apply" in our discord
    - IP: play.valorousmc.tk
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    posted a message on Ars Imperium (The Art of Government) City Roleplay - Hiring all Staff1.12.2 Modded

    Welcome to Ars Imperium, a Minecraft city-roleplay server with an emphasis on the political facets. The purpose of the server is to teach people about politics in a fun and safe environment, where you can afford to make mistakes and try new ideas! This is a safe space, first and foremost for everyone, to express their ideas and potentially see them into action. Want to participate in the politics and you are not able to log on to the server? That is ok! You can obtain a position that does not require an in-game presence, such as an advisor or Discord clerk. Don't want to be a politician? The city needs normal citizens, such as emergency responders, criminals, and businessmen/women. Note: The city and the Government are not fully created. The players must finish both. Your own city. Your own Government. No matter what, there is a place for you! Join now at https://discord.gg/U6XgqNN

    - We are currently in development. The server is not available for play, but if you stick around, you will be rewarded.
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    posted a message on Druid MC

    Druid MC -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    DruidMC is a new take on Magic based RPG gameplay.

    Our take is urban fantasy coupled with a variety of different mythologies allowing for long quests and a new level of entertainment.


    Here are some special perks for All staff members.


    All positions get creative

    All positions get plugin commands for development

    All positions get miscellaneous commands like heal, vanish and teleport And best of all? You can use all commands for personal use.


    Why do I allow such lax rules? It’s because I could never understand why staff members have such strict restrictions when they aren’t being paid and are just trying to have fun being creative.


    Builders, Lore and Moderators are all equally important and therefore none is higher than the other on the hierarchy


    - Builders: Make your mark Show off you beautiful building skills which make staff and players alike look in awe at your practice. - Lore: Make a quest to remember Make storylines that leave players in shock forever, all because of you.


    - Mod: Make it the best place to be Supervision on the masses. Feel like a god and control the masses with your mute, ban and kick commands. -


    Developers: Let your imagination fly Server OP except you can’t ban the owner. I never want you to have to ask for a permission, and therefore you have all the permissions you need to develop the server to your maximum ability without restriction


    Want to apply? Put the position down below and your Discord To be part of a revolution in Minecraft gameplay.

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    posted a message on Prison Central, New Prison server, Prestige, Need Staff, Lots of Fun

    Hello, I am PurpleSheep04, I am an admin on Prison Central, we are looking for players and staff and we want YOU!

    We are looking for 2 admin and 4 mods. To apply please join our discord, Have a great day



    Server Ip: playprisoncentral.com

    Discord: https://discord.gg/FGpBncF

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    posted a message on ReadNation | New Server | Looking for Staff and Players | Skyblock | Factions | Creative

    ReadNation is a  1.15.2 multi-network server that we would love for you to join. Our gamemodes include  Factions, SkyBlock and creative, we will add more in the future. We are currently recruiting staff so join our discord and apply. We are currently in beta. We are planning to do daily contests where you can win prizes such as rare items, custom suffixes and lots more. So come and join ReadNation!


    Join Us: https://discord.gg/vFNrmy3

    IP: Mc.ReadNation.net (1.15.2)

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    posted a message on BattlePoltical I New server I Politics I NEEDS STAFF I NEED YOU

    Concept: BattlePolitcal is a large, completely destructible (minus spawn), a world that will be divided into nations that players will manage, defend, and develop. The leaders of these nations and the initial citizens of each nation will together decide how their government, economy, military, development plan, and other details will operate. This is a 95% player-driven nation roleplay server.


    What can I do on it?: There is always a place for you! You will join one of the available nations via their immigration process (if any), the possibilities are really endless!  


    How does it work?: we are using a towny plugin with a unique towny war plugin, this plugin makes it that if u do a war on another nation each nation will be awarded points based on the number of towns, chunks claimed, and players, if someone in your town dies you will lose a point if you lose all your points you will be added the enemy nation! So it is possible to destroy an entire nation by capturing all the towns!  


    What is the map?: it is a 1:2000 scale of the world, we will even have a dynomap so you can see where everyone is and what chunks are claimed by what town/nation.


    How can I apply for staff?: Join our discord server! We do not have an age requirement, we care more about maturity than anything else. Some things that might help your application: Keep it informative, but not too long. Make sure everything is clear so there are no misunderstandings. Grammar and punction always help and keeps everything professional.


    We currently need a CO-OWNER: They Will PAY $13 A MONTH FOR 15% of THE SERVER, also need a manager, admins, Sr. Mods, Jr. Mods, Builders, Devs This is a NEW server so THEIR IS not many People but more staff positions to apply for. Also, if the link does not work contact PurpleSheep04#8283


    Join us: https://discord.gg/sCKDJDr

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