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    I'm really enjoying the pack a lot. I'm still pretty early on but its a lot of fun. 


    I would really like to be able to see the quest map so I at least know what to focus on to get to certain mods. 


    i/e. I want to learn AE, as I've always used Refined Storage. Unfortunately, I have no idea how long its going to take to get there, and I don't know if I should just focus on an elaborate storage system for the time being as its far down the list, or a more modest system if its just a couple gates away.


    I have no desire to be overpowered. I don't claim loot crates at all, and I only keep the modest items from loot bags, throwing away anything that I think would ruin the balance of early game. I think if it were possible to do that it would really improve the experience of progression.   

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