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    posted a message on All custom profiles are crashing back to the Minecraft launcher with exit code 0

    For the last week or so I've been unable to get any custom profiles on Curseforge to launch on 1.16.4. This issue may have existed beforehand but I only ran into it now. While attempting to join a couple of buddies for some modded I was able to get as far as the launcher before being unable to proceed due to multiple crashes. This happens with the profile I imported from the host, the modded profiles I've made prior & even to an empty, modless profile I made as a test. I've tried reinstalling the jre-x64, as I saw that as a possible fix, but now I'm stumped. Any possible fixes, I don't have any logs or more helpful error codes I'm afraid. I do know however that it doesn't affect my Stoneblock official profile.

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