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    posted a message on I need help with a modpack i made. It keeps crashing.

    Did you turned off all of the mods individually? (My way to do this is by turning off all mods by alphabetical order so I turn off every A mods then B mods then C then D etc. I when I found something like when game stopped crashing and it was when I turned off e.g M mods I turn on in sequence M mods and when it will be e.g. Mekanism I'll install other versions of this mod)

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    posted a message on Searching for help to make a mod for ModPack

    Hi! :D 
    I am making a  ModPack for Minecraft 1.12.2 and I need simple Mod that adds(for now, maybe project will grow up) One item with a 3D model(I made it already) and one functional block that has own crafting recipes and making it compatible with CraftTweaker.
    Obviously, if you gonna help I will give you credits on Curseforge! :D 

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