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    posted a message on File Availability for ModPacks

    If u did everything correctly u should put the file u want in the folder them export it and after u export it u need to open the file go to overrides and then check if its there 




    what type of file is this?





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    posted a message on Modpack not working

    Try installing the modpack manually or try with atlauncher client and specify what happens when u open the modpack and send a client log and client crash log

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    posted a message on Modpack not working

    u can just adjust the ram on the curseforge app 

    u open curseforge

    then on the bottom left u have the settings button u click on it and after that in the left u got minecraft click on that and then u got in this page allocated memory and u make it higher 


    if u r having any trouble let me know


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    posted a message on Curseforge wont launch minecraft

    did u tried to reinstall the modpack??? 

    or installing it manually???

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    posted a message on Forge server crashes after few seconds of playing

     You loaded to much stuff on the server or it doesn't have enough ram because it says that 1 server tick took 1 minute 1 tick should be maximum 0.005 

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    posted a message on Download Issue with Installing Mods

    u download the texture pack u want then u open the folder when its located after this u open minecraft press escape press option/video settings/resource packs and then u hit open folder and drag the file that you downloaded to that folder 

    then close all of the folders and hit done, now u come back to the resource pack folder and select the resource pack u want

    and u don't need to unzip it


    hope that helps :)

    Quote from gusteranimations >>

    I use Minecraft on a shared computer that I am not the admin of.  I downloaded Curseforge on my account, as well as a mod and the Minecraft launcher, but the CurseForge app itself seems to only be available on the admin account.  I don't predict I will get the password to the admin account anytime soon, and I can't play the mod on my account because I can't access Curseforge.  Is there any way to solve this?

     about that u can uninstall curseforge and then reinstall it and when u tell him what is the location u want for the app just change the path go the C:\Users and then select public when u install curseforge

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    posted a message on Modpack not working
    Quote from slinckdi12 >>



                I recently downloaded the curseforge beta app. I downloaded the FTB Infinity Evolved modpack to play with some friends on a server and I opened minecraft through that modpack. I went to go on the server and it loaded for almost 2 hours and I ended up stopping it because I was getting frustrated. i then had an idea, I would open it in a single player world to see if the modpack was even working, it wasn't. i don't know what to do at this point and it's really frustrating. i tried reinstalling curseforge, reinstalling Java, restarting my computer, and now I don't know what to do. Hopefully someone can help me out. Thank you!



     i think that u don't have enough ram installed on your computer or in the curseforge settings

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    posted a message on Cannot add games (Mac)

    maybe try to reinstall it?

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    posted a message on How to open curseforge in staller for 1.16.5 without it opening notepad

    You probably dont have java installed on your computer

    her is the link:


    when u in this website download java 64 bit for windows

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    posted a message on How to Create server for Curseforge Launcher Modpack

    working on a video that explain it ill send it here when I'm done

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    posted a message on My SkyFactory 4 won't start

    Try reinstalling it maybe

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    posted a message on Having trouble downloading Crazycraft mod on Windows PC

    crazycraft is not a mod this is a modpack u can download it here:


    if u r having trouble installing it u can check out this tutorial:



    and when u put mods in the %appdata% /roaming/minecraft/mods u just need to drop it there u dont need to open it :)


    here is crazycraft mod list if u will need it:

    <big>Mod</big> <big>Developer</big>
    Adventure Backpack Chicky
    AnimationAPI thehippomaster21
    Armourer’s Workshop RiskyKen
    asielib asiekierka
    Baubles Azanor
    BiblioCraft Joseph ‘Nuchaz’ Sinclair
    Carpenter’s Blocks Mineshopper
    Chisel 2 Bapple Business
    CodeChickenCore ChickenBones
    CustomMenu rich1051414
    CustomNpcs Noppes, DarkSignal(AI), Foxz(Commands)
    Damage Indicators rich1051414
    Dark Core DarkholmeTenk
    Decocraft RazzleberryFox
    Equivalent Exchange 3 pahimar, x3n0ph0b3
    FoodPlus JoseTheCrafter
    GravityGun iChun
    Hats iChun
    HatStand iChun
    iChunUtil iChun, Kihira
    Inventory Pets Dankmemester
    Iron Chest cpw
    Jewelrycraft 2 OnyxDarkKnight
    Killer Pacman FiskFille
    LuckyBlock ExampleDude
    Malisis’ Core Ordinastie, PaleoCrafter
    Malisis’ Doors Ordinastie
    Maze Mod supercat765
    MC Helicopter EMB4
    MineBlade Battlegear 2 – Bullsey nerd-boy, GotoLink, coolAlias
    MobiusCore ProfMobius
    Mob Properties FatherToast
    Morph iChun
    MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod MrCrayfish
    Mutant Creatures thehippomaster21
    NEI Addons bdew
    NotEnoughItems ChickenBones
    Opis ProfMobius
    Origin TheTemportalist
    Pandora’s Box Ivorius
    PortalGun iChun
    Railcraft CovertJaguar
    Saintscore WThieves, The Minecraft Community
    SecurityCraft Geforce
    Soul Shards- The Old Ways Team Whammich
    Statues AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, asie
    Tardis Mod DarkholmeTenk
    The OreSpawn Mod TheyCallMeDanger
    The SecretRoomsMod AbrarSyed, alexbegt
    TrailMix iChun
    Transformers Mod FiskFille
    Weeping Angels TheTemportalist





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    posted a message on Curseforge won't let me post my modpack?

    first u go to the project page 

    then u click "manage project"

    press on delete project

    and u r done

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    posted a message on CurseForge uninstalling mods from custom modpack

    This is a curseforge bug that exists for some time i had it too when i was creating my modpack

    u can just del the mod files manually or just disabling it 

    i guess u can just take a picture of all the mods u have and then del it & after that check if there is any mods missing



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    posted a message on Modpack not starting help!

    can u give the name of the modpack?



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