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    Hey, so I just created a mod pack, on Minecraft 1.12.2, forge with a large variety of mods ranging from tinker's, to flans, to mine colonies, you name it. I also have all the required associate mods, such as jib and so on.

    But I've come to a problem, which is that the shifting clicking when I'm in survival doesn't work.

    Like you would shift left-click to move things from inventory to Hotbar and so on. However, it works perfectly fine in creative mode.

    I've checked my key binds, I've made sure all the keys are what they're supposed to be, nothing is crossing with shift or left-click. I've tried resetting keys. Shift works for everything else, except when I'm in survival. I've tried with the touch screen on and off, still won't work.


    Help would be much appreciated

    LMK if you want to see the mod list


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