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    I Am Having This Issue Too

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    In reply to he4cb:

     Currently I am the sole person working on this modpack, I do what I can in my spare time and not every mod I posted about will be in the final version. I just posted what was currently working, some possibilities, and alternatives. be cause I thought "It's been a long time since a proper update was made, I should do my best and give people a lot of info that I can get/got already, to show I am doing my best" I am no professional modpack maker and no one who is, wanted to help, so I am on my own at the moment with a few people wanting to help but only able to help test play stuff not help with research or alteration/adding stuff to make mods work off one another. They are suggestions also, so I haven't been able to play with a lot of the mods to test how they are and the ones that are magic related are ones that were suggested because of late game stuff in the story, as the original person who was helping but bailed out of the project read ahead in the story. Something to do with the petrification stuff, I won't get into it as its a spoiler. Also finding exact stuff fitting something (especially anime's with high detailed and specific crap that only a mod which was themed after it could implement properly) all by using others work/mods it isn't as easy as one would believe. Finally, I will leave it off a little lighter note, as I second the feeling of damn I can't wait for season 2 as well, Dr.Stone is one of my most favorite animes in recent years and I am a nerd when it comes to survivalist/crafting/science shit so seeing all them combined is 10 billion percent awesome for me! I love the anime and I will do this modpack justice, just takes longer with little to no people properly working on it.

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    In reply to he4cb:

    I just updated the modlist, i also added mods that were suggested by other people and my own research. I am still working on adding stuff in as I am slowly trying to build the modpack, I am not sure what to add/change out and many of the mods look great, though too many mods can be daunting to most people's PCs so that is also an issue that I am trying to figure out.


    I mainly wanted to say that there is no "Glassblowing" specific mods out either in older or newer versions. I might have overlooked one, though I am pretty positive none exist and only one post about one that seemed actually like an actual glassblowing mod was basically never completed nor uploaded for someone else to finish. That is pretty much the situation and it's a bummer definitely, but it's how it is I guess.


    Finally the bit about Terra 1 to 1, that mod setup is way crazy and while I like it for that level of crazy ... its WAY too much. The mod is also WIP, so not everything works as advertised, the cubic chunks mod never worked for me and especially when I used it in the pack with other mods. For these reasons I feel that while it would be more correct in essence to being like Earth, it is "10 billion" percent not usable in this modpack as it stands right now.

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    That mod hasn't crashed for me? So I don't know how to fix the problem your having, but I've also been checking out other mods to use, this list is not updated I will have an update ready by Saturday. My schedule is wonky atm, so my time to put towards it is minimal especially when I am trying to make videos for my channel on top of it. I am downloading some more mods to look at right now, and will check them out in my free time.

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    In reply to he4cb:

    I appreciate the work/research you did, I will most likely be using these mods and many I already was testing I just have been busy so my updates on this page became null tbh. I will take time when I can this week to make a proper updated list of mods I am looking at for this pack, I also will be making updates on my discord when things move forward. Thank you very much! :D

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    I am the lead for a 1.12.2 adventure mod and need someone with skills in modeling and animation fields specifically for mobs & bosses on a new adventure mod of my design. There is another person working on this mod as a coder/programmer/modeler (specifically for blocks and items), I am the pixel artist/designer/creator of the mod and the series the mod will be used in on YouTube. The mod will specifically be used as the core for the series adding in various new bosses, mobs, structures, items, and features added to the game. For an example of what I have designed, I uploaded a rough design sketch of one of the bosses and it's minions. 


    If you want to know more and join in this project, please contact me through here or my discord which will be linked down below.


    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/kbPU2TS

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    I am making an adventure mod for 1.12.2 with one other person, we need help with Mob modeling and animation. This mod will be a core mod to a special series for YouTube and also just for fun that others can enjoy. I am also including a picture of one of the designs for a boss within the mod.


    For more Information please contact me on my discord, the link will be down below. Thank you for your time!


    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/kbPU2TS

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    In reply to Moon_Dew:

     To answer your question, yes I am still working on this pack. Though I have been slacking due to my other obligations, I will give that mod a look see and see if it will fit, I am trying to make sure I add enough mods that would make it look like the show and would have some unique stuff you hardly see in other modpacks all while not completely destroying your game experience.

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     I must have mistaken the mod I saw, lol. xD thanks for letting me know and I will check out Reforged as well.

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     Thank you, infact I didn't think of the skill thing till you mentioned it. Now, I will do some tests and see if that will feel right for the pack, though unfortunately the one you are thinking of is 1.7.10 only for what I found and this pack will be 1.12. I did however while looking that one up and found another one that could work if I add that kind of feature into the pack. (I might add it in due to the whole brawn/brain talk from the first episodes)
    I have already got most of the other mods you suggested in the pack so far, except for the wild animal/breeding ones which will add to the realism and challenge aspect of trying to survive. So thanks for the suggestions, I will be updating the list/status of the pack soon.

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    To basically explain this, I am a HUGE fan of anime and especially Dr.Stone! Now, I would love to see a modpack made to simulate the same level of realism and difficulty displayed in the show, but currently one does not exist (to my knowledge). I have a few ideas as to what kinds of mods I could totally see in the Modpack like Tinker's Construct, Quark, Biomes o' Plenty, Etc. Pretty much most normal mods used to make the terrain/world look more realistic, but other types of mods ones that add in machinery and complex realistically accurate crafting mods are not really my forte.


    I am using this forum as a place to help gather some ideas, as well as gather people who are more pro at this then I am and possibly could get this made into an actual modpack. I was looking at "SevTech: Ages" & "RLCraft" as possible sources for modpack inspirations, but obviously need to make the pack more unique with other mods to make it thematic to the show, while also having that same real life difficulty feel to it. Also, maybe some simple special mod alterations or something might be required, what I mean for example is like a statues mod which has random stone people statues generating everywhere. Now that would be more for visual taste and making it connect more with the show, but is purely an aesthetic thing and not an absolute necessity to the modpack (just was an example I could think of for a custom modification or something)


    Update: Following is the "Previous" list of mods I found/liked for this modpack.

    Immersive Engineering
    Immersive Craft
    Tinker's Construct
    Primitive Tools
    Matchlock Guns
    Sulfur and Potassium (Adds Gunpowder Recipe)
    Fused (Place-able Gunpowder)


    Second Update: These are the mods I "Currently" have for the modpack, though this is opt to change as I am seeing some bits I like and others I don't like. 


    Generation Mod: Biomes o' Plenty
    Optional Villager Mod: Tek Topia


    Modpack Modlist
    Alchemistry                      JEI
    A Lib                                  MultiMine
    Aquaculture                     OreLib
    ATOP                                 Placeable Items
    Better Animals                Serene Seasons
    Better Animals Plus        Streams
    Better Caves                    Underground Biomes
    Better Foliage                 Useful Backpacks
    Better FPS                        Vanilla Fix
    BiblioCraft                        Zawa
    Coral Reef
    Craftable Chainmail
    Dynamic Surroundings
    Dynamic Trees
    Dynamic Trees BOP
    Exotic Birds
    Familiar Fauna
    Fancy Block Particles
    Fast Leaf Decay
    Item Physics Full


    List of Suggested/Found Mods: These are a few Lists of mods I have found, as well as one's that I am looking at to put in the pack and these can be replacements for stuff, alternate mods that do a similar thing, or other mods that would add awesome stuff/mechanics to the modpack.



    World Gen Modlist                              Optional Villager Modlist                              Modpack Specific Mods

    Biomes o' Plenty                                 TekTopia                                                           Better Questing

    Realistic World Generation               Melenaire                                                         Better With Lib

                                                                   Minecraft Comes Alive                                   Better With Mods

                                                                                                                                              Custom Main Menu

    Animania               Immersive Craft                       Realistic Item Drops

    Antique Atlas        Immersive Engineering          Rockhounding Chemistry
    Athenaeum           Industrial Craft                         Rockhounding Core
    Better FPS              Instant Unify                             Rustic
    Better Geology      Inventory Tweaks                    Sound Filters
    Buildcraft               KJLib                                           Standard Expansion
    Ceramics                LevelUp2                                   Sulfer Potassium Mod
    Chisel                     Magneticraft                             Tinker's Compliment
    Craft Studio          Mantle                                        Tinker's Construct
    Creatio                   Matchlock Guns                       Tinker's Tool Leveling
    CTM                        MCJTYLib                                   Tinkered Hegemony
    Earthworks           Model Loader                           Construct's Armory
    Electrostatics        Phosphor                                   Toast Control
    FoamFix                 Pyrotech                                     Unloader
    Fused                     Quark


    Armor Underwear Mod
    Carry On

    Engineer Decor

    Glenn's Gases
    Immersive Petroleum
    Immersive Tech
    Just A Few Fish
    Nomadic Tents
    Project: Vibrant Journeys
    Primitive Tools
    Tough As Nails
    Worley's Caves


    Please, Comment down bellow "Ideas", "Recommendations", as well as "Suggestions" for what mods would you think best fit in the Dr.Stone Modpack? Also if you are a more experienced modpack maker and would like to lend your modpack making expertise, please leave a comment here, direct message me, or contact me via my Discord. I also made a cool possible modpack icon, just for fun.


    Discord Link:


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