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    lord4hurricane, your story makes no sense and has a significant lack of info. You provide no evidence and just shout questionably flimsy facts. The only evidence you provide is proof of a virus, but that isn't proof that it was the mod. You do mention you were unable to delete the mod, or at least I think you do, as you said this vague phrase, "would not let me remove". This, while incriminating, could be many other things, like the virus messing up your computer, making it harder to delete some files. Again you should provide proof that the mod was the cause of the virus and not something else. If you want this situation to be resolved, make sure to include more facts so people can actually understand the whole situation. Also, you didn't specify how it broke your computer. If it overheated something, then it's probably only a couple of parts damaged, and you could get it repaired easily. If the hacker deleted your hard drive, well, you should always have a backup because hard drives can fail normally.


    ephantom9876 First, while I agree with your argument as I have used that mod with no problems at all, a virus can break hardware in a couple of ways. While a virus can directly damage a computer, it can create scenarios where your hardware components controlled by code are damaged. An example of this would be intentionally overheating hardware to damage it. It could also lock you out, meaning that you can't make any inputs or outputs, making all your hardware more worthless than a brick. (Note: Feel free to correct any facts as I only stated them from memory) 


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    So this was happening to me as well on a custom profile, I latter figured out that the exit code 0 happens when to many problems are in play, for example 10 mods meant for a different version or a bunch of missing mods required for other mods, this was caused by the forge overwolf app downloading the wrong mod versions. I fixed it by removing all the mods from the mod folder and re-adding every single mod a couple at a time fixing the issues one by one in a tedious process. Check that the modpack has all required mods and the correct mod versions as that may be the problem.

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