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    TheSettlers Minecraft [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP][PVE] [PVP] {Whitelist} {1.15.1}


    TheSettlers Minecraft

    • Newest version 1.15.1 buzzy bees

    • Hard-Mode
    • Fresh new world

    • Semi-vanila gameplay only added one player sleep/vote-plugin and log/rollback plugin

    • seeking mature and friendly people

    • Anti-cheat

    • Log and restoring plugins

    • Marketplace

    • Create your own town or kingdom

    • Ender dragon saturday

    • Future events

    • Mature players 16+

    • Server located in the EU

    • Building competitions


    Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/sKjERY4

    Discord: https://discord.gg/4zUdNKu

    Description: Freshly restarted map TheSettlers is seeking for nice mature people to join the new server,s ranks,Are you a teamplayer and you want to play actively in our community then we are in search of you!. Our discord is our social hub made for sharing moments and stuff like Coords,Builds, ideas and any other real life stuff.



    Easy.. no cheating, griefing and stealing. Don’t build things that harm server performance (Meaning fast redstone clocks, iron titans and chunckloader) and just simply have a good time with others. Take a distance from the spawn or apply for builder role. Rules are laid down detailed in the discord to re-read



    Simply join our discord and write down the Format shown here, An admin wil review it shortly after!.

    Ign minecraft name:

    Do you use discord? Discord name:

    How old are you?:


    How did you find us:

    What will you bring to the community?:

    Have you ever been banned or kicked before? And why:

    When did you start playing minecraft?:

    Do you have questions for us?:

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