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    When I download the revelation mod and press play, it opens an old version of minecraft, and I can only play demo even though I purchased the game and there is no reason why I should only have demo. I thought it was that I didn't ever connect my minecraft account with my curse forge account, but one of my friends said he didn't need to when he downloaded it. He got it a couple weeks ago and had no problems.


    for reference, i am playing on a mac laptop as i don't have a pc right now. 


    why is my mod only opening a demo only old version of minecraft, and how do i fix it? i've fiddled around with things for a total of probably 5 or 6 hours now, and i cannot figure out what is wrong, it keeps opening the wrong launcher. i've even tried re-downloading both minecraft and curse forge, but nothing helps.


    i've attached an image of the minecraft launcher that pops up when i try to play the mod.

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