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    posted a message on 1.12.2 Advancements not updating?

    Hello! the other day i made a modpack with ~140 of my favorite mods for 1.12.2 and ive been trying to complete every advancement. while trying to complete "wanderer" from Biomes O Plenty, i noticed that the advancement wouldnt update unless i went to the biome, exited the world, and re entered it. this is the same for every other advancement and is a problem because I am unable to complete ones such as trading with a villager or healing a zombie villager. while clicking through tabs in the advancements menu I've gotten a vanillafix notification to come up and heres the log it links to: https://paste.dimdev.org/inofomekom.mccrash not sure if this is related but it might be. it seems to only be happening in one of my worlds and i dont know if there is a fix for it or if i just have to start over. thanks in advance!

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