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    Hard to know, since we have zero transparency into how Twitch actually works. Since people are developing mods for 0.17+, it would appear that Forge works at least for some people.

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    Not sure the origin of this issue; it looks like certain files that are on the list of files in the release that Twitch provides to the launcher are not found. Depending on the version of Forge above 0.16 I pick, I will get different files not found. This happens after the profile is created and you're in Mojang's launcher, but before minecraft itself loads. Additionally, sometimes when launching these versions of Forge, it fails saying it could not verify the version of minecraft. 


    Also beware that you don't get the 'latest' version for mods that have both Fabric and Forge; Twitch doesn't have any idea that fabric is incompatible and if the fabric version is newer, will get it instead. 


    Anyone know where to lodge official complaints? Not that they seem to be paying any attention.

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    In the current version this is broken. Normally you could do things like





    and it would remove all of the recipes that had that result. No longer is this the case.


    If that function is restored you could generate a script based on the /minetweaker names output using a regex in something like netbeans or notepad++ where you take each line and add recipes.removeShaped and recipes.removeShapeless for each name. 


    (as noted above)


    and if some are missing you can tweak it in-game using /minetweaker reload until you see that the recipes disappear.

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