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    posted a message on Mystical Agriculture and EnderIO - Custom recipe issues!

    Yes I did! Sorry, it's been a hectic few weeks, thanks for the assistance! 

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    posted a message on Mystical Agriculture and EnderIO - Custom recipe issues!

    Hey folks, I'm mid-way through creating a mod-pack and I'm having some trouble with the EnderIO xml coding!


    Basically I want to have the pack utilise alloy smelter to create the Mystical agriculture seeds. I have disabled the vanilla crafting recipe with Minetweaker and entered the code into AlloySmelterRecipes_user.xml but it isn't showing up or working in the game.


    This is the current format that I have for the first test recipe could someone point out what I'm doing wrong please?



    <recipeGroup name="MysticalAgriculture" > <!-- Required for EnderIO to function correctly. -->
    <recipe name="Base Crafting Seed" energyCost="100" >
    <itemStack modID="mysticalagriculture" itemName="prosperity_shard" number="4" />
    <itemStack oreDictionary="listAllseed" />
    <itemStack modID="mysticalagriculture" itemName="base_crafting_seed" itemMeta="0" />



    Many thanks!

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    posted a message on A crash that I haven't seen before - Village Life Mod-pack by Winddbourne

    Hey everyone,


    I am looking to play this pack on a server but I'm having some issues getting it to run in a multiplayer environment.

    Singleplayer worlds work well and I can get the pack to run a server environment by removing ExtraBiomesXL, EnderStorage & Chisel. A very strange combination of mods!

    Anyway, I have uploaded the crash report to pastebin and would love if someone could figure out what it is that's going wrong. I have a small amount of understanding with crash reports but this one stumped me.

    Not an error that i've ever seen before...



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    posted a message on Re-enabling Vanilla tools in 1.10.2 (Tinkers Construct)

    Pure genius!


    I would've never looked at WTF (I thought it was just worldgen) that has fixed it nicely and I have been able to set it so you can only make iron tools not wood, stone, gold or diamond :)


    It's nice to have it working but I wish Village Box had an option to change what is required for each profession/upgrade.


    Being able to make vanilla tools takes away from the Tinkers a bit, I'll look at adjusting the level of Iron tools in Tinkers Construct, hopefully that'll fix it!


    Thanks again bud!

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    posted a message on Re-enabling Vanilla tools in 1.10.2 (Tinkers Construct)

    Evening all,


    I am having some issues with trying to fix a problem with the mod-pack that I am trying to create.


    I have Tinkers Construct installed and it's running perfectly fine, however, I also want to run Village Box.


    Village Box requires vanilla tools to promote your workers and choose professions and I can't find a way to activate them again.


    I was directed to Iguana Tweaks but unfortunately I am running 1.10.2 and there doesn't appear to be an official curse download for it.


    Is there either, an alternative for 1.10.2 that I could use to re-enable vanilla tool creation or an option to disable Tinkers Construct over-riding the recipes or even a way to activate them using something like modtweaker?


    Any assistance would be appreciated!

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    posted a message on Textures are not loading properly and I am a complete noob!

    Hi all,


    I'm fairly new to the whole modded scene and I hate that my first post here is to ask a question about a potential issue, but here goes!


    I have put together a pack called "The Simple Life" and for some reason the textures for the MCA villagers are not rendering properly, however this is also happening with the Better Agriculture mobs as well.


    They appear blurry and sometimes just as solid white entities.


    This isn't too much of an issue for me personally but with the modpack being a public release I would like to try and fix it.


    As an addendum there is a new, far more pressing concern with the pack, on occasion it will start loading MCA villager skins as the backgrounds for crafting GUIs. For example, using the furnace it won't show the standard texture but rather it will load up the flattened blurry version of a villager skin. The GUI still works as intended but it's almost like it's reading the wrong texture for the background.


    Is this something that people have encountered before? Because it's really confusing me, it seems like it's not an issue with a mod but rather with the model-loader itself but I do have Resource Loader and a few other mods installed that can adjust the default textures but I honestly don't even know where to start looking.


    If anyone could provide some assistance that would be amazingly helpful. I am happy to provide screenshots and a mod list as well as the config files if need be but there are no error logs as such because it is not registering it as an error in-game.

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