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    posted a message on MC.Eternal Taking forever to load and Chrashing

    I got the same problem EDIT : ( except mine’s not crashing )it takes a total 4 hours to load 

    its loading fast untill it gets to 3/7 initializing minecraft engine


    Acer Aspire v3-772g 

    ge force GTX850m

    i7-4702MQ 2.2ghz 4 core 

    8gb ram original now 16gb 


    i did literally everything i could find on the internet

    I re installed windows cleaned my hdd and my ssd

    re installed the launchers and everything on the ssd

    did a benchmark test to see if the ssd is in good condition

    Installed different java versions 64bit of course

    gave java higher priority 

    gave it 8gb ram in the launcher 

    I also tried it with deactivated firewall 

    i upgraded ram to 16gb in the Hope it would fix the problem but nothing changed  

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