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    I recently just started a new modpack called [Fabric] Adventure pack, and am looking for some people to play with, either via lan hamachi or the official server. The modpack is a mix of Darksouls, Diablo, and Path of Exile, with leveling, talent trees, stat allocation, and definitive stats like poison resistance, or crit damage. Not only that but with bosses, random events, new biomes, and structures. This modpack is not at all random or unpopular, it has 400k downloads. I don't mind starting fresh too, as I only have an hour on it, and can Imagine it'll be much more fun with a group. I am not a kid in anyway either. I sort of am hoping to go bandwagon gooning with a couple of people, raiding, looting, building, and surviving. Hit me up if anyone is down :)

    Modpack: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/fabric-adventure-pack


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