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    posted a message on [1.19] Happy Cubes | Ultra Hardcore | No regeneration | Longer Nights
    Server Logo


    Server Version: 1.19, Java
    Server IP: happycubes.csrv.pl
    Store: https://craftserve.pl/s/951231/shop
    Discord: https://discord.gg/MQq8wef8xD

    Happy Cubes is an Ultra Hardcore SMP. But what does Ultra Hardcore mean? Server was created for those, who think that normal survival is too easy. It provides features that make the gameplay challenging and more interesting. If you want to check your Minecraft skills, grab a pack of friends or join alone and face the Ultra Hardcore!

    Server features:

    Hardcore Lives - Each player starts the game with 5 lives. Lose life when you die. You can trade lives with other players or buy additional using items in game. If you lose all your lives, you can ask another player for a revive, buy it from the itemshop or wait 3 days.

    Lifesteal - Lose one heart everytime you die. Killing other players gives more hearts. If you prefer not to fight, you can also get your health back by buying it with items.


    Kill streak - Fight with other players and get Kill Streak points with every kill. The higher kill streak you have, the better bonuses you earn (also get visual auras!)

    Longer Nights - Survive throug the 30 minutes long nights! Then have only 10 minutes to rest during the day.


    No regeneration - Health does not regenerate naturally. To recover your missing hearts, use consumables like golden apples or regeneration potions.


    More detailed information can be found in-game using /info command.
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