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    posted a message on Question about the MSI Gaming X trio 2080ti power connectors

    The power supply i have currently is the Corsair RM750i and i was looking to get this GPU very soon which has 2x8 and an extra 6 pin to power it

    question is power supply cables for GPU on one cable its 2x6+2 and same for the second one, obviously i can connect one cable to which will power both of the 8 pins, but to power the 3rd pin which is 6 pins, do you guys just plug in the 6pin and leave the second part of the cable hanging?

    is it possible to buy a single one single 6 pin connector so i don't have that other half of the cable hanging?

    would something like this work, so i can just extend it into a single one from the orginal 2x6+2 pin cable?

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