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    posted a message on world loads 0% then stops, never crashes, never loads more, logs stop updating, have to forcequit

    idk what to do, seemingly no errors, i remove mods, update, downgrade, nothing online gives me an answer so i have to resort to asking it, hope this helps anyone else who is too shy to ask like i was but yea, idk how to fix this, ive spent some days trying to figure out but no matter what i tried it always had the same strange outcome of never crashing but still never loading and since i have a lot of mods i really dont wanna ask on someone's github cuz idk what is causing it, maybe even if no one knows how to fix this at least tell me what causes it and i'll ask the devs of that mod for help, i just need an answer of what is the problem here





    i cant upload some of the logs since theyre too big for the website, but if really needed i'll upload them in separate parts, i just hope this is enough info to help me fix this

    heres another log i just got after removing betterendforge which was causing an error in the log, but still, same outcome: https://paste.ee/p/wgSNx

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