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    posted a message on Crash during opening World RagnaMod V

    Hi there,

    I don't know if it the right place to post my problem but I do it anyway :
    My problem is not new, first when I launched for the first time this Modpack (the 2nd of July) I had already problems due to JEI,
    Then today its an other thing, I checked my crash logs and it seems coming from MooFluids, it says ;

    The mod moofluids is expecting signature @FINGERPRINT@ for source MooFluids-1.12.2-, however there is no signature matching that description 

    And after; No fingerprint found!

    I think it's the only issue crashing my game when entering my world, I give you however the whole crash report, its the last crash report, I tried relaunch my Launcher which is Twitch and my computer a few times, but no solutions, 2hours ago I was playing without any problems :


    Thanks for you help, regards.

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