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        The Kathairis Alive mod has been a passion project for those of us involved. Sadly we are having a hard time being able to continue our development. We are hoping some of the Minecraft community would be interested in joining up with us and helping to keep the mod alive and progressing. 

        What is this mod?
           Kathairis is a Lore-centric dimension addition. Adding new mobs, new biomes, and expanding on the exploration of the world. Kathairis aims to add an indepth story to gameplay with beautiful generation, challenge, exploration, and some mild mechanic additions.

         What I'm asking for?
           Sadly we are struggling, badly. Real life has begun to swarm out our time for the mod and we have begun to reach a standstill in development. What I would like is to continue to see the mod grow and expand, but sadly without some more hands helping we are afraid the mod will fall by the side and end up abandoned.

    Below is a copy of the message posted in our community discord.

    Life is hard, we all know that Where some see delays and excuses are understood but we do our best to keep all of you updated on development and progress. Sadly, our personal lives are pushing Kathairis to the bottom of our todo lists, and as much as we would love to continue pushing forward and making progress things have gotten quite complicated. To help explain, @Krevik and @bento aerouant are both students and I am a crew manager in my real world career. The three of us have been the primary footholds for this mod for nearly a year and a half and have been able to maintain some form of progress with help from numerous other party's. Sadly, it is unsure as to when, or how frequent any future updates may be. We may be able to have a massive amount of free time one week, while having nearly none during the rest of the month. Couple this with the fact we are all from various time zones and communication between the three of us, and our extended team, becomes almost impossible with exception to a few messages here and there. We do plan to continue all work on Kathairis, but we ask for two things during this process. 1: Patience. We can only do so much, and the majority of you already seem to understand this and support all our efforts that we make. Please simply be patient with us, and we will do whatever we can in time. 2: Help. The posts asking for people to join our team have been a precursor to the current situation. We simply do not have the time with our limited group to continue growing the mod quickly, nor expanding it into a full experience for you, our community and fans. Please do not be afraid to offer help if you feel you may be able to, anything would be appreciated. You guys have helped maintain the life of this development team and we are forever grateful for the support you've shown. Hope you guys understand. - The Kathairis Dev Team

     I'm hoping some of you may be interested in helping our team and seeing this mod remain alive.

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