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    Hello my name is Ryan56k, and I, along with my partner Brandon_Wildman, have created a server that is based around an idea that we have yet to see on any other server. We have been playing minecraft for roughly 8 years and have been running and creating our own servers since we began. We have created around 5 servers and have gained a ton of knowledge on how to run and create a server. Our focus to to create a unique and immersive environment that keeps our players entertained and coming back.


    Let's talk about the server:


    The idea for this server comes from a combination of things, mainly Sword Art Online (anime) and Diablo (PC game). With this server we aim to bring people together and create more player interaction. One thing I dislike about minecraft and most other servers is that people become self sufficient and disappear, this is how a server dies out. Our server is not a jailbreak, factions, or a mini game server it is an MMORPG server. We have created a unique profession based system that requires players to actively trade and hunt. The server is comprised of multiple "floors". Each floor has a dungeon that must be cleared in order to advance to the next. Mobs and bosses drop unique items that most of the time need to be identified to get the most out of them. Players can own shops, houses and guild halls! Quests are available to the players so they keep interest in the server and move forward. There is much more depth to this server than many others that are cut and paste and full of mini games. If this is a server you want to be a part of and help create a community and wondrous things that others will experience and love then please submit an application to become a beta tester.


    Become a Beta Tester


    Today, we invite you to apply to be a part of our team of beta testers. Follow the link to apply: https://multicraftlegends.enjin.com


    There's a ton of brand new content we want to share with you all, but we also want to ensure everything is in tip-top shape! This is where our beta testers come into play. For a short period of time, we will work along side several users to track down and iron out any bugs or short comings in this new Multicraft experience. We hope to make this a quick process so that we can open up to the public as soon as possible.

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