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    I'm playing Space Astronomer, it runs minecraft 1.7.10.  I like this pack, but I miss being able to level up my tools.  There is a mod called Tinkers Tool Levelling, but it's only available for a later version (1.10.2) and doesn't work in the Space Astronomer modpack. So I added Iguana Tweaks and it ruined the harvesting levels of blocks.  Before with my Tinkers stone pick I could mine coal, iron, copper, bauxite, now I cannot mine any of these.  I've been through the config files, but have been unsuccessful in changing it back to the way it was.  


    This is annoying because I cannot find any clay, there are no sieves or barrels in this modpack and I can't seem to craft a hammer, so I can't even build a smeltery.


    I only wanted Iguana Tweaks for the levelling, is there any way to easily disable all the other features in Iguana Tweaks? 

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