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    Hi. I recently had an issue with the Curseforge app for Minecraft. I was playing Minecraft and everything was fine. And I start Minecraft again and the gpu started running at 1485mHz and won't go higher (even tried to overclock through msi afterburner). The gpu load stays at 25-30%. I tried and reinstall the app, and the registry cleaned, but the result 0.
    In Minecraft vanilla clock speed goes up to 1900mHz, and loading 40-50%. At first I thought the problem with forge, but with it, too, all is fine. Help, because searched all the forums, and did not solve the problem.
    Drivers installed on my video card is the latest, on Windows also the latest version.
    Extremely dont want to reinstall Windows (if this is the problem, and without it, it will not be solved), then I will need to restore many files.

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