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    Two days ago, I was playing minecraft and after playing for a while the spacebar (use item potion, use hoe, eat food) stopped working. I tried re assigning the keys in options, but the game just didn't recognize a space bar press even in options. I shut down the game and restarted it. The space bar started working again but konked out after a few minutes. Again I restart the game but the problem returned over and over. Outside of minecraft, the space bar works but while in minecraft, it seems as though it forgets the space after a few minutes. I have no idea what's wrong. Perhaps I need a new keyboard (it's old and outside of minecraft, I've noticed a glitch or two while typing on youtube). One other option is that in order to play a japanese rpg i downloaded a while ago, I had to the change the language of my computer to Japanese so perhaps I need to reset that. Or perhaps I need to reinstall Minecraft all over. I have my computer in the shop on a likely unrelated BIOS boot problem, but i thought I'd ask for some advice so if the problem returns when I get back, I have some suggestions.

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