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    posted a message on is sky factory 4 on twitch app yet?

    Diddn't see another thread on skyfactory4, so i'll put it here.


    Fresh downloaded the pack this afternoon.  Basic tutorial platform.

    Have had the Acorns on the drying rack now for about 3 Real-Time Hours

    while repeatedly growing and harvesting the dirt tree..

    They have not yet transformed into petrified acorns.


    And there seems to be no way to craft dirt..  the 4-acorn/5 dirt-resin gives me no result..


    Is this normal? ..  was something altered in the latest update?



    10 hours later..  

    Got tired of trying to dig thru scripts to find an error.. i'll leave that to you instead.


    I'll re-download it in a few days after you've got it fixed.  

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