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    We're looking for around 40-60 people to start up a small community to play a medieval themed factions server. we've already prepared everything, server is ready to open and the mod pack is up here! https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/tales-of-valor

    Please know you'll need the twitch desktop app to install the pack if you don't have it already. 


    However for the moment we are waiting to build up a good amount of people in our discord before officially opening the server. Evidently so we don't start with like 4 people total on the server. 


    Now as said before, the server is faction based. There will be raiding, and because of that your power will be something to watch out for. We're gonna try our best to make sure not one faction just absolutely triumphs over the hours, as we'd like a good bit of friendly competition spread throughout the server.


    As for the actual pack, the main mod that the progression mainly focuses on is minefantasy II, as through it you guy from flint tools to smithing mythical metals up into mighty dragon forged weapons of mythical metals. Though we do also have some magic mods such as witchery, and thaum to spice things up a bit. Also worth noting we have better dungeons to make looting dungeons a plausible way to get some materials, though a very hard way.


    Last but not least, if youd like announcements on when the servers gonna first open(soon), or general updates on what's going on, here's the community discord(please don't mind its a bit quiet till we get more people in).



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