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    posted a message on Mod that allows to gather resources and buy thing on exchange

    Hello community!


    I would like to create a server with the following mechanics:


    You can gather specific resources, then exchange for buildings. Those buildings will allow you to summon npc as militia, calvary, archers, etc (you require resources per unit as well) than you can order to attack. The idea is to stack an army and fight against another clan/faction/city or whatsoever.

    I think the best way this could work is by clanning so all the resources you and your partners gather, will go to the same counter.


    The size of your army will be defined by how many houses you build, if your enemies destroy your houses, you will lose the population count. 


    The final goal will be to destroy all your enemy buildings and army to win de game.


    Before I even start looking, do you guys thing something like this is possible with current mods or developing?


    Thank you.

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