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    Hey there, It's great to see someone diving into the details of the Earned Run Average Calculator! When calculating the ERA, it's generally accepted to include only earned runs. The purpose is to assess a pitcher's effectiveness based on the runs they allowed that were deemed the result of their skill or performance. However, the topic can be nuanced, and opinions might vary. Some argue that unearned runs reflect a pitcher's ability to recover from defensive errors. In most cases, though, the conventional method is to focus on earned runs. As for exceptions, consider scenarios involving errors, fielding mishaps, or rule-specific situations that might influence your decision on whether to count a run as earned or unearned.

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    1. Visit the SASSA website at sassa status check.
    2. Click on the "Grants" tab at the top of the homepage.
    3. Select the type of grant you are receiving from the drop-down menu.
    4. Enter your ID number, surname, and other required information in the fields provided.
    5. Click on "Check Status" to see the status of your grant application or payment.

    Alternatively, you can check your grant status by calling the SASSA toll-free number at 0800 60 10 11 or by visiting your nearest SASSA office. These multiple channels provide convenient options for individuals to access real-time information about their grant applications and payments.

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    To change your avatar on CurseForge, you need to link your Twitch account with your CurseForge account. Once the accounts are linked, your CurseForge avatar will automatically update to match your Twitch avatar. If you have already linked your accounts and your avatar still hasn't updated Apartments for sale in Beirut Lebanon, try logging out of CurseForge and logging back in to refresh the page. If the issue persists, you can try clearing your browser's cache and cookies, or try accessing the site on a different browser or device. If none of these solutions work, you can contact CurseForge support for further assistance. They should be able to help you resolve the issue and update your avatar.

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    With summoner coming in around 2 months' time, I wanted to ask the players who have had experience with the class playing in RU/KR, what do you guys think about the class? How its is survivability, movement animation, and most importantly DMG compared to other classes. Also if possible I was wondering if there would a tier list of DMG with summoner in it to showcase the difference between classes.

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    Hostility level: Neutral; kits/cubs are passive and adults are hostile towards some livestock. They can also be tamed/trained by feeding them meat of any kind, including rotten flesh and any kind of fish.

    Behavior: They tend to behave like real foxes. They will attack chickens (like ocelots), and will attack sheep/rabbits too (like wolves). They will be neutral of the player, and can be lead on leashes, or can be given meat of any kind (including rotten flesh and any kind of fish) to tame them. They will be similar to a mix between wolves and ocelots. If an untamed fox is hit by any mob or player, it will attack this mob/player (but will only do .5 damage) and has a slight chance of inflicting poison on the mob that attacked it. how to tame a fox in minecraft bedrock Iron golem usually ignore them unless provoked. Llamas have a chance of attacking them if they're provoked as well, but will ignore them if tamed. Wild foxes have a health of 8, but tamed foxes have a health of 20.

    Breedable?: Yes (with bones), however it usually works better if the foxes were tamed.

    Appearance: A wild fox will usually take the appearance of the biome it's spawned in. A fox spawned in a forest/plains/other biome besides the ones listed will be a normal red fox. A fox spawned in the tundra/taiga/other cold biome will usually be an arctic fox, but has a chance of being a red fox as well. A fox spawned in the desert is usually a sandy-tan smaller fox with larger ears that appears similar to the fennec fox. All of these foxes appear very similar to their real life counterpart. Tamed foxes will look like normal foxes, except they can stand/sit and they wear a bandana that can be dyed like a wolf's collar (on default, the bandana is white). A hostile fox will look somewhat angry like a hostile wolf, with patches of bristling fur and red eyes.

    Biome: Usually forest, plains, tundra/taiga, desert, and similar biomes, but it's generally any biome.

    Attacked by: They usually aren't attacked by anything, but polar bears might attack arctic foxes on some occasions, resulting in a possible fight. Players can also attack foxes, but it also will result in the fox attacking this user. Golems (snow/iron) are usually peaceful towards foxes unless otherwise provoked. Wolves occasionally might attack foxes too, but this is rare.

    Immune/resistant to?: Foxes take about 50% less fall damage than most mobs. Like wolves and ocelots, they can't get food poisoning as they can eat rotten flesh, raw chicken, pufferfish, and even spider eyes and they are perfectly fine.

    Weaknesses: Foxes are killed instantly if they eat cookies, like parrots.

    Drops: A fox drops 1-3 raw chicken (it'll always be raw, even if the fox is on fire when it's killed), as well as usually 0-3 fox pelts. Red foxes specifically also drop 0-3 apples, arctic foxes drop 0-2 snowballs, and fennec foxes drop 0-2 sand. They drop 1-5 experiences if killed by a player or tamed wolf as well. Like most baby animals, fox kits/cubs drop no items or experience.

    Usage of drops: Fox pelts can be used to craft leather. They can also be made into carpet or used as a decoration by crafting it into an animal pelt rug. (another new item?)

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