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    Hello my name is Scxtt.

    I run an events discord which has recently hosted a Minecraft event this passing weekend. We are looking to expand the server to have more players, we currently have 7 active players who enjoy playing and are currently grinding their way to power. This is Semi roleplay, we are trying to build ourselves a community and have the players create an economy and are looking to build up a town around spawn. We do have roles at the moment, with the role of King which is currently myself while the server is starting up. This will then be voted on to be someone else, but other roles may be needed around the server.

    I also will be hosting events on the server, these will be custom events that I will setup myself and see if the server can take on the challenge. I have a few plans for these events in the future but would like a larger player base.

    As creator of the server, I will try not get involved in any conflict within the server, I do expect that if there is conflict, that griefing is kept at a minimum and the surrounding area is not completely destroyed. Warnings will be dished out to people who do too much and if you are new this may be considered as an attempt to just grief the server and you will be banned.

    The server is on the latest version of Minecraft Bedrock and Server information is on the discord. We do have an application on the discord which is short and once reviewed, you will be given access to the minecraft part of the discord.

    If you have any questions, you can contact me via discord Scxtt#3986 or leave a comment on this post with your discord.

    Discord link is https://discord.gg/XmdmCgAky5

    We are also looking for people to stream this server and to build a following/playerbase. We are currently limited to 40 people in the server and depending on what the gameplay is like from there we can expand this.

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