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    Me and my bf are  playing via lan. We made the deep dark portal, placed it, and the internal server crashed upon the completion of the teleport animation. I'm hosting, i attempted to use the portal. I should note that I didn't get teleported to the deep dark dimension--the game crashed before that happened.  I was able to reproduce the crash before opening to lan several times--the crash logs appear identical. Crash log linked bellow from the most recent replication. If it is relevant, the portal location was within render distance of an active nether portal that we had traversed previously.

    Crashlog: https://paste.dimdev.org/veremewexu.mccrash


    I spent a while looking around for a fix, but only got dead ends--sorry if this is a duplicate. Please tell me if I forgot to include any crucial information, I believe I've provided all that is required to reproduce the issue. I might not respond for a while as I may have gone to bed by the time of any responses. I will update this post with a solution if one is found.

    If you did, thank you for helping <3

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