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    posted a message on Anyone looking for foamfix

    If you need to find foamfix for those who do not have 6 or more gig of ram to spare running big mod packs just drop this into your pack yourself. (I just download individual.jars and skip twitch myself for offline play)


    Links are in the video of how to find or just search foam fix on Google and click the link that is on the place holder page. I made this post for newer people who are interested in performance mods for lower end CPUs

    Figured it could help someone.



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    posted a message on communication mod

    a mod that allows for advanced com chat features within the standard online gui within chat. a quick hot key to open and enable easy chat to specific individuals using a normal /msg (name) format. possibly even a custom chat gui to replace the normal one?

    could even use this feature to commercialize into discord with introduction of chat programs? eg(propose to discord through forge?)

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    posted a message on Wanting someone to port Special Mobs mod to Mc 1.12

    I have not contacted him yet but I would like to see either the original author or someone else port the special mobs mod to version 1.12. I tried it on 1.7.10 and it is sic but I cannot get all the mods I want to use to unify on that version like I can with 1.12. 


    Original mod is here Special mobs


    I haven't seen any activity looking back on his project for a couple years.

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