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    Hello everyone, my name is Benjamin. i am a self-taught programmer looking to form a project team for a modpack id like to create, this modpack is going to consist (mostly) of programmed mods we create. im at a very early stage in the creative process so things like the name and concept are still underway, i had thought gathering the team would be a good first step. i need people who are committed to projects and willing to take feedback. Also if you are looking to be a developer in this project it would be nice if you have some what of a knowledge around the Java programming language, but this isnt a must if you are willing to learn and give ideas so those who arent experienced but would still like to take part are more than welcome to apply. Some of the mods that this modpack will include are as follows:

    - Buildcraft and its addons

    - Thermal Expansion

    - Rei's Minimap

    - Not Enough Items

    - Computercraft

    These are just a few of the mods ive thought of adding (more most likely will be added to the list later in the process)

    im looking forward to joining you in creating a magnificent experience for players alike to enjoy for years to come :) application requirements are as stated below, positions needed are as follows:

    - 3+ Java developers
    - 1 Lead developer
    - 2+ Concept artists
    - 2+ Texture/skin artist
    - + Create your own position (whatever you would like to contribute to the project)






    Ideas you would like to implement(optional):

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    Hello everybody my name is Ben. Today i am currently looking for someone to work by my side in creating vast amounts of creative pieces in various forms, that be: builds, server-creation, programming and developing plugins, graphic arts, Mods, Skins, Resource-packs, Maps for RP, pretty well anything that has to do with the creative aspect of Minecraft which what basically encompasses the entire game as we know it. Now you might be wondering why i want to do such a thing, well i have been a 'hobbyist-programmer/artist' now for about 8-9 years on and off and needed some sort of starting point in order to get the ball rolling, i thought what better way then to start on this overly creative game that i had played as a pre-teen. At the same time, i really needed someone to work with and be able to share creative ideas in a co-productive way. im looking for anyone (13+, preferably older) with past-experience or the desire to learn any of the following things that is listed above in the creative pieces i have listed, i am willing to teach pretty well anyone patient enough to take the time and follow through with whatever skills i teach them and is willing to apply such skills toward the progression of what we make. I would like at some point to turn these skills we learn over time into something we can put towards making some sort of income, and would be happy to be able to share this income of what we make with all the workers that put forth an effort to make such things. if you are interested in joining me to help make this happen, and hopefully kick start something worth while, please see the info below. Who knows, perhaps we might just be the next Hypixel ;)

    *Team will be 5 people max. This will also be posted on minecraft forums so reserve your spot quickly if interested!*

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