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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me with a problem that´s taking place in my modded MC world. You see, ever since Rubidium updated to 1.18.2 I decided to start playing again, this time adding almost every mod possible. There weren´t any issues whenever I was playing in creative, but something happened the moment I started to play in a survival world. It began with the items that were on the ground not reacting to me picking them up properly, usually lingering in the ground for a few seconds or not even registering when they were being thrown. The next thing I noticed was that whenever I tried to break a block it registered as if I hadn´t, needing to stay for a few more seconds or even needing to break it one more time. Food was another problem, since when I click on a food item to eat it, it tends to linger on and not register. But the thing that truly made the game unplayable for me was the mob AI. Mobs weren´t reacting to any action that I performed, villagers dont react when I attempt to trade (doesnt matter the profession), enemies dont react correctly to being hit (yet they can attack me), and even tameable mobs dont respond. Hell, even when doing any process that requires a time limit to be set it´s not respected, usually just restarting (F.E. air reloading whenever I enter water). 


    I thought the problem might have had something to do with Rubidium, but it doesn´t seem to be the case since I attempted to play with Optifine and got the same results.


    At this point I´m just dumbfounded and don´t know what I can do to solve my issues. Can anyone help me? 

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