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    Hey everyone!


    I am part of a fairly small but active Discord that plays lots of games together. One thing we do is we regularly host one or two modpacks for a period of time. With the New Year, we changed over to two new modpacks. Currently, we are running FTB Continuum and Foolcraft 3. We will keep these online for roughly 2 months and then start up two new modpacks.


    We are always looking for new folks! The community is very active and eager to help with anything you need. The server is located in Germany, but no one to date has had any connection issues because of the servers or their locations. The speeds are great, backups are regular, and our admins and hosts are quick to reply and very active.


    If Minecraft doesn't entertain you all of the time, we tend to host servers for other games like Terraria, Starbound, and more if the community asks for it.


    Thanks everyone and I hope to see you around!


    Discord Link


    Happy gaming,




    We set up our Discord server very carefully. Channels will only be visible to you if you add them (this includes the Minecraft channels). Go to #bot-commands and type "!game add minecraft" to gain access to the channels.

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